Does Tablo customer service exist?

@chri0029 - I never lost any of the schedules. However, at first when trying to record channel 56 (before I knew that it was an issue) the recordings would show up as multiple small segments because the Tablo would keep rebooting as it attempted to tune in channel 56. I suppose there may have been the possibility of my database becoming corrupted with all the restarts, but I unscheduled all the channel 56 recordings.

Then sometimes it would appear to be working for a few minutes, but eventually the picture colors would get inverted - and then eventually the Tablo would restart. When this happened I had to power cycle my Tablo. All the other channels kept recording with no problems.

I am in the suburbs also, in North Canton.

Glad to hear you are making some progress @chri0029!

@mbellaire - Okay, thanks for the info! We’re out in Oxford Twp. which is 25+ miles from the closest station although my attic antenna has done the trick for me over the past year (50 or so good-signal stations). That TV guide loss thing was really weird for me but was corrected by a hard reboot. But the kicker was the loss of other channel recordings (segmented/ fragmented) which now I blame corrupted hard drive.

My experience with support was great.

I bought a refurb dual lite and because it was a refurb, the guide data trial had expired. I opened a ticket with support about 30 minutes after support had closed for the day, and had a response back from support before lunch the following day.

They refreshed my trial period and I was able to get going that same day.

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