Does Table require an internet connection for a Web Based Client - If so why?

OK, so I’m a little confused.

I understand that guide information comes via the internet and the Tablo device obviously would need an internet connection to download client data. 

I have come across a couple of threads now where people were unable to connect to the table using a browser and the explanation seems to be that the web browser needs to somehow “check in” with tablo before it can connect to the device.

If so, why exactly is this? From my point of view that seems totally unnecessary and unacceptable. What happens if Tablo servers go down for days? I guess all my HTPC’s that use a browser to connect just won’t work. What happens if Tablo closes their doors tomorrow? I now have a device that won’t work for me (since I use a browser most of the time).

I “cut the cord” for a reason. I didn’t intend on just replacing the cord I cut with another one that I now need to worry about.

Yes, Tablo [FireTV and Android Web and] app does require a constant internet connection to be able to connect to your Tablo unit on your LAN and I am puzzled about this requirement and would like to know WHY

The old Android 7" tablet app does NOT have this requirement but unfortunately it has been obsoleted
I am guessing this has something to do with authentication but don’t know more beyond that…

so @TabloTV how about giving us curious minds some reasonable explanation to put this subject to bed once and for all; otherwise, my imagination start to go places thinking maybe this is a hook for future revenue generating opporutnity :-?


Yes all the web apps on the smartphones, tablets and now Fire TV and Android TV need an Internet connection. Reason: they are just the website you access from the Chrome browser wrapped up in an app.

The Roku app is the only one left that only requires a LAN connection to connect to the Tablo.

This question or issue is not new and was answered long ago when the smartphone web apps were first released.

That is curious.  I can understand the guide needing access to the device for both content download and verification of subscription, but there isn’t any requirement I know of that would “force” active internet to receive OTA broadcasts into or out of the Tablo.  My guess is, it was never thought a problem for Tablo owners to have active internet – At least I hope so.  Then Tablo can fix this too.


The Tablo has to check to see if you are connected locally or on the internet so it knows which IP to use.

I, for one would prefer that @TabloTV REQUIRED a static IP to use remotely and leave it up to the user to set it up using or others, which is what Plex does.

The Tablo has to check to see if you are connected locally or on the internet so it knows which IP to use.

That’s not necessary accurate, the old Android 7" tablet app works perfectly (i.e. found Tablo unit on my LAN) without an active Internet connection.  And if I re-install the old Android 7" tablet app, it will still works without an active Internet connection today.

I do know I have never had connection issues with PLEX, anyplace.  I have had, and continue to have issues with Tablo, mostly outside of my LAN.  I also use Tablo though my PLEX server when I wish to watch TV/Recordings on my home theater projector.  I reach my PLEX server via my Samsung BD-6500 Blu-Ray player though a PLEX app it comes installed with.  I then use the Tablo Channel app in PLEX to reach my Tablo.  Usually works OK, but there are a few hitches in the gittyup once in awhile.

This question or issue is not new and was answered long ago when the smartphone web apps were first released.

@TabloTV answered the question but certainly NOT explained.  Like others, I am looking more for a technical explanation, saying that it is based on the Web app leads one to ask WHY ? Why not based it on the Old Android 7" Tablet app where active Internet connection was NOT a requirement.  Without a reasonable technical explanation, one might deduce that Tablo is cutting corners trading off connection or networking robustness with design effort or simply made a bad decision.

I gave a half-hearted attempt to offer my “guess” as to why Tablo requires an Internet connection to “download client data”.  Don’t know if it’s a bad guess, good or great one.  But, I have been involved with computers my whole adult life (about 45 years worth) and even though I haven’t been active professionally for over a decade now, I can remember I suppose 1/10th of it or so… Well 1/20th anyways… Eh, I can remember setting in front of all them flashing lights anyways.

Look here if interested.