Does it work in the mountains?!

Im in Breckenridge Colorado, just curious if anyone on here has it out in the mountains and how many channels do y’all have? Any sports channels?

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Mountains can be a huge obstruction to OTA reception. You may need to talk to immediate neighbors with regards to what is possible.

So, I think “it depends”. Depending on location, one person near Breckenridge could have a vastly different OTA experience vs. another.

Don’t know how close to Denver you are, sure you can find local info somewhere here. Denver, CO - OTA | Page 468 | AVS Forum

The issue is not the Tablo so much as your antenna reception. The 4th Gen Tablo ships with a little indoor antenna that is probably O.K. if you are relatively close (say, under 20 miles) and have a direct line of site to the transmit towers.

I recommend using a site like TV Fool to check your address. You’ll see where your broadcasters are and get an idea what kind of antenna should work for you.

What did you find out? Are you on the East or West side? How is it working for you?