Does factory reset delete recordings on hdd?

Pretty much my question.
Tablo had an error for every channel then wouldn’t detect any channels during scan.
I factory reset, went through the whole reconnecting routine and my recording (only had one) doesn’t show up.
So…should I have disconnected the hdd first?

Factory reset reformats the HDD so you lose all the recordings.

Thanks, theuser86.
Appreciate the feedback.
I’ll disconnect next time.

Even if you disconnect, if you factory reset it I don’t think the Tablo will recognize the recordings on the same HDD. Just power cycle the thing if you’re having problems.

“Power cycle”?
That’s just pushing the reset button quickly, right?
The basic reset and NOT the “hold for 7+ seconds” factory reset.

@een - Yes, quick reset should work just fine in 99% of circumstances. Just hit the blue button and release immediately.

Make sure that after you do a factory reset to delete and re-add your apps. They can get confused if you try to use the ‘old’ app instance with a factory reset Tablo.

Ok, this is the first that I have heard about deleating and reloading apps after a factory reset. Might this explain why the web app on my PC browser is showing scheduled recordings that do not exist? How do I change the PC web app? To say it another way, the IOS app and the windows web app disagree with what is on the tablo. Why?

@Tom_S - It’s picking up cached data. If you go to your browser history and clear your cache all should be right with the world again.