Does "Factory Reset" default to original Firmware?

Does holding that blue button bring the Tablo to the firmware version it came with out of the box?

No. If you hold the button for 30 seconds, It will reset the unit to a factory state but with the current firmware. This is normal behaviour for all electronics once the firmeare has been updated.

Crud… guess I’ll have to send mine back then.

Sorry to see you go.

We can try to help you if you tell us what’s going on.

Mine works perfectly on .28 with all the front ends.

I've posted my problem couple of times now.. unfortunately no one, not even Tablo Support, can seem to truly figure it out.  I mainly got Tablo for the reasons of Manually Scheduling Recordings.  It's works sometimes, and most other times, doesn't work.  The last link I have is about identical to the same problem I have (if you read that entire thread).  I see there's been several views for my links, but no one seems to know.. so I may just have to send it back.

@jaytimeark Sorry for the wait on this - please feel free to reach out to us directly and we’ll get this figured out.

At first glance, I think this could be a timezone issue on the Tablo. It grabs its timezone from the device you used to conduct a channel scan with. The timezone on the Tablo plays a pretty big part in manual recordings. For example, if you set a manual recording for a time in the past (or what the Tablo could think is in the past) it won’t show up.

We can determine what’s going on by taking a peak at your Tablo on our end - but we’ll need your Tablo’s MAC address. If you can include this in a ticket using the form above, we’ll be able to get to the bottom of this.

I will definitely do what you suggested with contacting you direct.  Thanks for your help on this.