Documentation for the Tablo REST API?

Is there documentation for the possible patterns in the REST API for the Tablo?

I ask because I have been experimenting with connecting to the Tablo from the Julia REPL, which is actually quite convenient. The Julia JSON and Requests packages allow for easy experimentation with retrieving metadata. A long-term goal would be to extend the VideoIO package for Julia so that ffmpeg-like calls could be performed without shelling out to a program like ffmpeg.

I can read the Lua code for the VLC plugin to get some ideas but I haven’t been able to find a simple listing of what patterns can be sent and what they should return. (I could also go through the Python code for SurLaTablo but prefer not to do so because it is covered by the GPL.)

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That’s the plan. We do want to do a full developer program but first we need to finish the documentation so people know how the API works.

@TabloTV This is something I would like to see as well.

I followed the unoffical guide form superhac and used powershell and the closest I can get is this “Invoke-RestMethod : The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine”

I would love to see a API in JSON to where we could make custom dashboards and check on the status of the device.

I agree that a Rest API would be great. The current WAMP interface and operational transformation style isn’t conducive to a good app experience. It requires long load times and means mobile clients need to download the entire catalog when it could much more efficiently only request needed information from a Rest endpoint.

I’m a seasoned Android developer and would love to continue working on my native app, but need a stable, mobile friendly API to make it feasible.

A developer’s section would be great! With access not only to the Tablo API (when there is one) but also with info on developing for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc. I personally would like to do some work on the Roku app. I have a number of features I’d like to add but don’t want to start from scratch. Even if you don’t want to make this public, I’d be willing to sign an NDA and give you access to anything I develop, if you wanted.

Guys, a basic REST API document would be huge. Now that the plex tablo channel is broken, many of us are without a way to access our tablos via smart TV without a streaming stick. I’ve been trying to fix the plex channel, and have gotten recording playback working, but can’t figure out live playback. Even just a list of available endpoints would be really helpful and much appreciated

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As the author of SurLaTablo, just like the remind everyone that there are several clear text solutions, including Nuvyyo’s Kodi plugin that demonstrate the “closed” API.

But, for now, Nuvyyo does supposedly offer up an API guide for those willing to sign an NDA (and thus promise to not expose the API).

They’ve briefly discussed in the past about making the API more freely available. Especially since things like the Kodi plugin already expose a lot of it. But they haven’t done this yet.

Thanks, cjcox - the Kodi plugin provided enough breadcrumbs for me. Thanks for pointing it out!

Where are you with this ‘plan’ that you discussed 2 years ago?

Any progress?

If you sign an NDA with Nuvyyo (Tablo), they will give you access to the REST API docs. However, by NDA, you cannot expose that information, which means only for closed source projects.

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