Documentation for Tablo 4th Gen app

Is there any documentation for the Tablo 4th gen app? The reason I am asking is there are 3 icons under the play bar. One is for Pause. One is for “CC” and the leftmost one is unclear what it is for/ Sometimes it is a red color and sometimes it is green and it looks like a lightening bolt and a circle. Seeing it and having no clue what it is supposed to show had me wondering if there was any kind of documentation for the Tablo 4th gen that explained all of the settings etc…

They should say “Go Live” and “You’re Live” underneath the icons.

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Yes but what does “You’re Live” supposed to mean and what do the different colors mean and is there documentation that explains what this is showing and why?

I know I am a “live” so it telling me I am live is meaningless!

Also you can click on the icon for pause and CC and you will cause something to happen. What happens when you click on the “Live” Icon? This should be documented for Tablo 4th Gen Users!

All the documentation is on this site:

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This must be FireTv or AndroidTv, since these options are not on Android Mobile or Roku.

“You’re Live” must mean that what you are watching right now is live. You haven’t paused or rewound to go backwards in a live broadcast. If you can click on the Live icon, it should put you at the current point in a live show (assuming you were in the past).

CC is closed captioning.

I will say the documentation is not very good for describing the differences between the platforms (which there are many). So I can understand your troubles. I don’t have a FireTv or AndroidTv device, but it is nice that they have these live and go live features.