Do you Plex yet?

If you have Plex and an Amazon Echo/Dot, you might be interested to know this. The list of commands is impressive!

From the offical Plex blog. It does indeed look impressive. I’m curious where it could go when the DVR gets out of beta. :heart_eyes:

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I was excited to try it. Couldn’t get it to work yet with my Plex channel on ROKU.

Alexa said she could only find a player on my Nexus (Nexus Player also connected to my network ) and Windows 10 .

She Did play a video on my WIN 10 Laptop, even though I was trying to watch Plex on my ROKU.
Tried uninstalling Plex on my Nexus Player first, she then said the player was defaulted to WIN 10 devices and started playing the Video on Windows.

Still experimenting with this.


I had the same initial experience with my Roku - nada. But my Xiaomi Mi box showed up immediately.

Maybe if you open the Plex channel ‘first’ on Roku?


I’ll try that later today



I am holding my breath for the day when I can say “Alexa, play Plex playlist Pink Floyd” and Alexa will play that playlist through my Echo Dot. Of course, I have the Dot hooked up to nice speakers.


Thank you - that did work !

Must Start ROKU, then Open Plex channel, then enable Plex Skill in the Alexa Mobile app.



I just tried the new Alexa/PLEX/Roku interface and it is super neat – and FUN! If only TABLO would fully support PLEX. I am not betting they will…but I do keep hoping.