Do you have t-mobile and 55÷

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it’s probably a good deal if and a big if you have tmo coverage their maps are not very accurate I travel a lot from norfolk va thru north fl. to Gulfport and their coverage sucks I use cricket Which is at&t 2 for 80.00 unlimited everything including taxes just saying

Signed up this morning… it’s a great deal for me, as I have really good T Mobile coverage where I live. Already in the past few months, my bill for 2 lines has fallen from $109/month, then to $100 when I switch from my old grandfathered plan to the T Mobile One, and got lots of new features besides, like NOrth American calling. Then to $80/month when I activated kickback and saved $10/line. Now it will drop again to $60/month for my 2 lines. Not to mention all the free stuff I get on Tuesdays, courtesy of T Mobile. I must be one of the few folks in America that’s really happy with their cell phone carrier.

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Yes, for local usage many people will find that the smaller more price competitive providers do have good coverage these days, but if you travel extensively you will find that having the big boys still makes a considerable difference.

And T-Mobile Tuesday with free pizxa, zredbox, zVudu. MLB.TV 2 years, B EIN Sports, free magazines