Do Tablos ever go on sale...?

In searching online, I found the Tablo going for about $195/$255 (2 and 4 tuner, respectively). Does this price ever come down lower; like through a sale or such? I use TiVo today, but the Tablo has my curiosity piqued.

That is lower. The two tuner version retails for $219, the four tuner for $299. I got my four tuner model for about $286 on Amazon.

Another option would be refurbed ones, that’s the only way I know of you will get it any cheaper…

$175 / $240 when available.

Looks like the 2 tuner is in stock but no 4 tuners…

TabloTV Store

They don’t seem to very often, but I bought my 4-tuner from Newegg for $199.99 after Thanksgiving 2014 (US)…
I haven’t tracked the price to see if it has gone there again…but that was probably the best price it has sold for.

Sometimes there is a promo where you get a free disk with purchase. I found that deal on Newegg and got the 4 tuner and free 1 TB disk for what a 2 tuner and disk was going to cost on Amazon

I got mine used from and see them on ebay as well as well as this site from time/time…

Apparently, it dropped a couple more dollars today. Here is more info from AFTVNews about Tablo sale history in the past and the current price drop:

I’ve seen the price for 4 Tuner model gone down to ~$200 on 2015 Thanksgiving at Newegg. Other than that, not much change from the retail price.

As the demand for Tablo rose so did the price. I got mine for $!75 when Tablo was a relatively new and untried product. $195/$255 is about as good as it gets now.
Refurbished are marked down and are a good deal at Tablo because unlike most refurbs from other sources (90 days), Tablo comes with the original one year warranty.