Do stations that do not broadcast a guide work without sub?

I haven’t yet bought a Tablo yet, because I have a question before I do.

Do stations that do not broadcast a guide work without a subscription with Tablo?
i.e. Does Tablo without a paid subscription have their own guide I can still access for 24hrs of schedule?

I have a different brand OTA DVR and it doesn’t show anything for the 6 channels from a low power station that doesn’t include any guide information with their feeds.

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Yep. You can still watch them live and set recordings by date/time/channel as long as you know when the program you’re hoping to record airs.

Yep. Without a subscription you get 24 hours of TV Guide Data.

More info here: Tablo TV Guide Data Subscriptions | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

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So to be perfectly clear, Tablo devices do not use the broadcast guide information to create their guide?

These channels do not broadcast any guide information, so Tablo would have to create everything.

I just want to know it’s going to work before I buy it.

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That’s correct. We use a third-party guide provider called Gracenote.

They also don’t provide guide for low power stations, but guide data is not required to watch live or set manual recordings.

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

I guess a “Future Improvement” would be to allow the user to set a cross reference to a different station in the same time zone to get a proper guide.

In my case for example, COZI TV doesn’t have a guide in the Boise, Idaho market but the station in Salt Lake City, Utah does.

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