Do not spam this forum - posts will be removed

A certain user has been spamming as many threads at possible with incorrect information about the Tablo. I have rarely had to use my moderation powers here (and they are quite limited), but I have been flagging a lot of those posts.

If you have an issue with Tablo or the company, make one thread for discussion. Thank you.


Thanks for cleaning this up @snowcat. Even worse, most of the posts were replies to threads not relevant to that users situation at all.


Correct the specific user doesn’t understand the difference between the network connected DVRs and HDMI/TV connected DVRs.

Thanks for the explanation of the cause of that user’s behaviour. It was because he misunderstood the difference between connected DVRs and HDMI/TV connected DVRs. Had he understood this difference, he wouldn’t gone off on an uncontrolled rant…

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…or, They may have misunderstood the limitations of an HDMI tablo. The primary difference is obvious the HDMI connection – that’s what a consumer see.

Wait, on tablo’s entrance page -

“A Different Kind of DVR Tablo DUAL HDMI”

image linking to a blog post announcment telling you how you can connect 2 (specific) devices for streaming. No mentions of a required subscription.

But, yes if you actually look at the product page as you’re ordering the device it’s clearly spelled out.

The difference, a TV connected tablo DVR is you connect to a TV via HDMI, and a networked DVR connects to TV/devices over your network – they have different features and limatitions.

Considering some of the questions asked here by new users… many take for granted, the confusion of the consumer base misunderstanding isn’t unreasonable – their reactions is – it’s not everyone else’s’ fault!

@snowcat Thanks for keeping a lid on things.

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