Do I need and OTA antenna if I have Roku and PSvue

Please bare with me. I am just getting started cord cutting. I have a Roku stick (3500) and am thinking of subscribing to PSvue. If I have both of those do I need an antenna when PSvue includes local and premium channels. Thanks for any and all help.

If PSVue includes the local OTA stations you want, and doesn’t cost extra for them, then you probably don’t need Tablo or an antenna.

Make sure PS VUE has ALL locals you want. I have PS VUE as well as a Tablo. I don’t get all locals with PS VUE in my area.
Be aware of your ISP data cap as well.

Basically, I have Tablo for all my local affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS) and I use PS VUE as a “cable” package for channels like AMC, TNT, TBS, etc.

Having the Tablo also keeps me below my 1TB data cap requirement from my ISP.

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Thanks for the help. I want to be able to record movies and keep them for long periods of time. Roku and PSvue have short holding periods for recorded shows. Thanks again.

In my area all the local channel are available from PSvue. I want a DVR so that I can keep movies for as long as I want, not just the month offered by Roku/PSvue. Thanks for your help.

That is going to depend on what you consider all your local channels. It is likely that with PSVue you are going to get the major network local affiliates. But since you live in an area where PSVue does offer those, it is likely that if you install an OTA antenna you will find that you have dozens of local channels that PSVue does not carry.

Are those movies from your local networks, or from “cable” channels on the PSVue? The Tablo and OTA antenna won’t help with movies from the cable channels.

One thing to keep in mind is if you have a data cap from your ISP, getting your locals over the air will help you conserve your data for streaming cable channels and other uses. You may also find that OTA broadcasts are of higher quality, offer additional programming on subchannels, and also that having your own DVR for OTA broadcast TV may give you greater control as far as instant availability and ability to fast forward through commercials.

Are you saying that I will not be able to record movies from the premium cable channels that I get through PSVue on to my Tablo DVR.

That is correct. The Tablo only records from the antenna. Not from apps running on your Roku.

And… it’s very unlikely that such a device (everything recorder) could ever exist (legally).

With that said, I can record everything.

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When I tried PSV the only locals I received were ABC & FOX. Had to have OTA for all the others.

Tablo is designed for over the air recordings only.

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