Do FF thumbnails not work remote?

Do the thumbnails in FF not work when viewing remote? On an extended snow-bird trip to warmer clime’s and while remote viewing is working pretty well (considering some of the weak points in the network like my slow-ish upload speed at home).

But none of the recordings we’ve watched have had thumbnail images on FF. The box is there, but it’s empty. Multiple channels, program types, etc. Using a Google Nexus Player for the playback device. At home it’s a 4-channel Tablo. Some of the recordings were completed several weeks ago, so no, not “to soon after recording ended”.

Not unbearable, but it sure is easier to FF through commercials when you can see when to stop, rather than just having to count FF clicks and hope you are close :wink:

FF thumbnail preview is available on remote viewing when using the Full Quality as the Remote Streaming Quality (RSQ).

You mention you have slow upload speed at home where the Tablo is located, does this mean you’re using a lower setting? Say like 4 Mbps for RSQ?

Interesting … didn’t know of that restriction on thumbnails. Yes, I’m using 1 Mbps on my playback since I only have a 1 Meg upstream on my home network DSL. The overall experience has been that there is very little buffering ahead while watching recorded shows remotely so assuming that pushing the RSQ higher would just result in LPW type delays.

Thx for the input. Learning every day. Wonder if other competing services have thumbnails and if they display on remote viewing, but a minor issue. Mostly wondering how Tablo stacks up in this area…

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