Display of Remaining Space on 64GB Tablo w/Added Storage Drive

[This question only pertains to Tablo 64GB OTA DVR owners who are also using an additional drive, so for that reason and if possible, I would ask that only those particular individuals answer my questions.]

Like you, I own and am using the Tablo Dual 64GB OTA DVR. I would also like to use the USB port for additional content storage (probably a standard WD Elements 1TB HDD). Once I install the 1TB HDD, I’m wondering what I will see in the SETTINGS/Storage section and how the drives would populate. Would I see:

a) One bar as I do now that will show, say, 1064 GBs (my onboard 64GB and the additional 1,000GB from the new drive)?; or

b) Two bars, one for each separate storage device (first the 64GB as I see now, and a second showing the 1,000GB of the added storage?

c) Lastly and either way, would the 64GB internal storage fill up first and THEN access the 1TB drive; or how does it work exactly? Just curious! Thanks!

The 1tb drive will not show as 1000gb. Something a little more than 900gb. I don’t know the exact figure. But you will see only 1 bar, and I am not sure, but I don’t think it will include the 64gb.

When I added my external drive, it seemed to only show the external drive. I am using a WD Elements (desktop) drive… I would not recommend one of their portable drives (I tried one and it seems too much for it to handle). Your mileage may vary.

After you connect a USB drive to your Tablo DUAL, it will no longer use the internal storage for new recordings so the space left on it does not matter going forward. Thus, showing only the storage remaining on the USB drive is all that is needed. Read link below.

“If/when you attach an external storage device, you will still be able to play and delete recordings on the internal storage. All new recordings will be sent to the newer, external storage you have attached.”

Thanks everybody.

[Utilizing your advice PS,] I put in an older Iomega 250GB HDD (it has it’s own power supply too) and it works perfectly and will offer plenty of storage for my needs (even the internal 64GB was good enough to be honest). I see how there’s just the one bar that identifies the storage for that additional drive. I’m all set. - Mike