Display anomaly with 480i channels

I usually only record stations broadcasting at 1080 or 720, no issues there. However, I do have a local “Movies” channel that broadcasts at 480. Recently I’ve noticed that there is a “line” at the top of the screen when watching a recording from this 480 station, or when viewed via Tablo Live TV. This “line” does not show when watching the same channel with an antenna feed to my TV. My quality is set to 8MB for both Live TV and recording. I temporarily tried changing this to 2MB/480 but that made no difference.

I thought that it might be just a problem with that channel, so I added another 480 station to Tablo - same issue. Here is a pic showing the “line”, sometimes it’s not too noticeable, and other times it stands out like a sore thumb. I am hoping this might be remedied by a firmware update in the future.

Has anyone else seen an issue like this? @TabloSupport any chance this could be fixed by firmware or an encoding change?

Here’s what “sore thumb” looks like (this image was pulled from my.tablotv.com, so not limited to just my Roku).

The fun fact about that line is that it’s actually the embedded closed captioning information.


When you’ve got your antenna connected directly to the TV, the television’s overscan will automatically adjust for it.

And some broadcasters take the time to remove those lines when they’re setting up their encoders.

Not not all of them do.

Sometimes fiddling with the picture settings on your TV (try 16:9 or screen fit) can help nudge those out of the viewable area.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that! Guess I’ll just live with it for now…