Disk diagnostics?

I’ve noticed a increase in pixilation errors in the middle of some shows. I’ve assumed these were errors in reception, but I’m wondering if it could instead be some bad blocks on my USB disk. How could I go about checking that?

Note, if we had real time signal strength indicators, I could eliminate this question.

For a quick check to see if you have hard drive issues you can reboot (quickly press the blue button) and then unplug your hard drive from the back of the Tablo. If the problem goes away viewing live TV with no hard drive connected then I would suspect your hard drive may be failing.

Although you could have drive issues, bad blocks wouldn’t behave like a bad VHS tape.

If the device can’t read the drive, it’d likely error out or have more than just “skipping” during a show.

None of this doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with your drive… it’s unlikely it’s a straight-forward as you may hope :frowning: