Disk capacity does not change when deleting program

I look in settings on the web app prior  to deleting a program, refresh after deleting a program and it still shows the same open capacity. How do you fix this and eventually would it stop recordings if not corrected. 

Strange.  I just ran a test this morning.  I started with 866.70 GB free, and then I deleted 3 half-hour shows.   Afterwards, the Tablo is showing 870.69 GB free.   I used the web app on a PC.

So for me, it is working correctly.   

So you are seeing the same problem but at least some space did free up. Mine currently shows 905.66 GB Available    It was 911 last night and I deleted a bunch of shows like 5 hours worth and only recorded a 1 hour show. 

VERY strange indeed.  I tested a few things and my is reporting correctly as well.  What sort of HDD are you running?  I wonder if it has anythign to do with that?

WD My Passport Ultra 1TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup -876 capacity now and I've deleted a lot of shows. I just added up the shows and I have 46 hours. If they take 2 gb each that should be 96. All recorded at 720P. Many were not broadcast in HD so I assume would take even less storage space.  

I checked last night on my Tablo at home through iPad and stats were reporting correctly. I’m not using a WD drive though. 

We’ll have @TabloSupport look into this further.

@a9erfan - I spoke to one of our engineers for this one. He informed me that the recordings are deleted instantly, but there can sometimes be a delay in refreshing the available space bar in the Settings menu - but it won’t ever affect the actual available space on your disk. If for whatever reason your HD is disconnected while it’s deleting the recording(s) this could affect your HD space - but the circumstances for that to happen would be pretty narrow.