Dish Antenna Installation

Finally splurged and had Dish come out to install an antenna on my roof. Conveniently they were able to remove my old satellite Dish and repurpose the mast. They installed the Televes

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Televes DigiNova Boss UHF/VHF Antenna - BOSS Technology with LTE Filter

After installation was complete I ran a new scan from the Tablo Dual Lite and it picked up 64 of the 69 possible channels in my area.

My experience with Dish was extremely pleasant. I called them Monday evening and they told me they could be here today [ Wednesday ]. Last night I was called via an automated system reminding me that they would be here today

This morning I received several email reminders when the installer was going to arrive. Then to top it off, the installer was 15 minutes early [ it helps when you are the first installation and he lived 2 miles from my house, bonus ].

Bottom line, for the $167.00 [ with tax ] it was worth it. We discussed how he was going to perform the installation, if I had to go out and purchase everything needed it would have cost me the same as having Dish perform the installation and it would have taken me longer.

5 stars.