Disaster, maybe someone here can rescue me

When we got rid of satellite tv, and had to send the DVR back, my wife lost her recorded episodes of Downton Abbey.

It was a Godsend last weekend when PBS played a Downton Abbey marathon with all of the episodes. Our Tablo ran all weekend, and we recorded every one.


After ripping them to the computer, and in the process of burning them to DVDs, I have discovered that Season 2 Episode 7 (what PBS called season 5 episode 7) is corrupt.

Did anyone else here record it too? I would love to get an uncorrupted copy of that episode from someone. I will be happy to pay any of the costs you incur.

Please save my life!

Can’t help you with that exactly, but all episodes plus some behind-the-scenes specials are free to Amazon Prime members, commercial free. I recently watched the entire series. Fabulous!


That is the solution! You are a genius. We are Amazon Prime members so I am saved.


Check your local library in case you need something like this in the future and it is not included with Prime. Ours has many DVDs for loan for movies and television series.

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Downton Abbey is actually included with Amazon Prime.
I see all 6 seasons.