Disappointed... All doesn't appear to mean all

Two nights in a row that all recordings didn’t record the prime time event. Not sure why, but I have an unhappy wife. I thought I even checked the live listings to make sure it was set up, but maybe I didn’t check the right thing because right now it doesn’t indicate a recording…

When I originally selected all, some oddball entries didn’t get marked for recording and I manually selected those.

It looks like the Tues, Aug 16 and the Wed, Aug 17 Beach Volleyball have the same title.
When Record All Episodes is chosen, the Tablo seems to record all episodes it needs to have 1 recording of each title, not every airing if that means multiple copies of the same title. So yes, in this case All does not mean all.

It comes down to the titles of the episodes in the guide. If they are the same but the content is actually different, you will need to manually record them, Not sure if marking the episodes to record will make sure you get copies of the same show (title) or not.

@jimrush It appears the guide data is generating airings that look like duplicate airings, when they’re actually not. To work around this, turn off the Don’t record duplicates feature in the Settings screen.

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