Disable DHCP and use a static IP

Please add the option to use either DHCP or assign a static IP to the tablo.

Thank you…JGM

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Why do you need this? Almost all new routers have a DHCP reservation feature. Set it up and the Tablo will always get the same IP address from the DHCP server, it is pretty much exactly like a static IP address.

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Good point, just enabled reservation for my Tablo.


Yup, that’s what I did. I bet TabloHQ doesn’t want to deal with the inevitable headaches and tech support of a static IP option on the Tablo. If it’s on the Tablo side there are other things you would have to set up like subnet masks, gateways, and DNS. The whole thing is much simpler when done on the routers end. If you router is too old to reserve an IP for a device you should probably upgrade. Routers are the gatekeeper to your home network. They get pwned right and left.

PSA: Keep your firmware up to date on your router!

When I first read this I though, yea, it’s kind of a basic for networking. But static DHCP is ultra easy, but it’s still DHCP and not the same as a device setting static IP.

Thought maybe it was was an outdated thing, then recalled even modern mobile devices have the ability (suspect a BYOD to work option). But when tech support was brought up and home network…

In the end, I believe it’s a consumer product intended to be used in a consumer’s environment, who seldom actually set static IP on devices (and even less who even know what it means).

Correct and it’s DHCP Reservation. “Static Dynamic Host…” is very confusing lol

I see the dilemma, maybe even an oxymoron. But for some word play, my router has settings for Static Leases. I thought it might be a vendor thing, then discovered dd-wrt’s documentation was titled “Static DHCP” and that was just messed up.

Some searching, didn’t find a definitive answer, reservation seems to be the more prominent term.

Mine currently just calls in bind IP. I believe an earlier firmware called it reserved IP. Those are terms us old schoolers are familiar with so I like it.

Reserved is how my current router names it. That actually seems the most clear to me.