Directvnow review

I subscribed to DirecTV now, and for me, it was the one missing element to dump my regular DirecTV satellite service.

Along with my Apple TV 4 and Tablo (which eliminates the “missing CBS” issue), I really have everything I need.

The current promotion essentially gives you a 32GB Apple TV 4 for free, with an up-front payment of 3 months of DirecTV Now ($105). There is no contract, and the offer includes 100 cable channels (which includes Fox News), and once you sign up, you’ve got it as long as you keep the subscription active.

Granted, it’s real-time streaming only (no cloud-DVR capability), but rumor has it DirecTV will be offering that next year.

Bottom line, I’ve finally convinced my wife this is the way to go. My total package now includes DirecTV Now, Netflix, Hulu, for a combined total of about $54/month. My current DirecTV satellite service costs about $135/month, so I’m looking at saving nearly $1K annually with this move.

When do they ship the Apple TV? Will you get it before Christmas?

They say 2 to 3 weeks. You could try an ATT Store (real ATT NOT Authorized Retailers) but most are probably out.

I signed up for the three month promotion on the first day, November 28th and I received my Apple TV yesterday. So after the 7 day trial, you’ll get your Apple TV a few days later by FedEx.

I also signed up on the first day and have not received mine yet or emmail from them with shipping date. I live in TX so signed 5:25 am Central Time on Nov 30 and received my subscription confirmation with my correct address.

Early adopters are receiving them this week!

I ordered on launch day, so hopefully today or tomorrow

It was disappointing to me. I won’t be keeping it any longer than my first month to get my fire stick. No DVR stinks and the On Demand stuff is not good.

I agree with @rucknrun: I did a trial and found the service to be very disappointing. I currently subscribe to Vue, so I have to compare DTVN to Vue.

DTVN does not allow you to FF or RW the live stream. You can pause, but when you resume the stream immediately catches up to “live.” So no skipping commercials! (Vue lets one do this.)

DTVN has more channels, especially with the current promotion. One big piece missing, of course, is any DVR functionality, such as Vue has.

Not to worry, says DTVN/AT&T, we’re working on it, and a large number of channels have “72-hour rewind” where you can catch programs aired in the last 72-hours. There’s also an extensive VOD library. If all else fails, you can log onto individual apps with your DTVN credentials.

(NB: The above paragraph is what DTVN/AT&T say on their forums.)

The reality is that very few of the channels listed as having “72-hour rewind” have anything populated. Those that do generally have one or two shows, not everything from the last 72-hours. The VOD available is at least two weeks old; some shows list the latest available episode as from October. Vue has on-demand shows available withing 24-hours of airing.

As for the individual apps, one can only log onto EIGHT apps, which are the Disney apps, ESPN, and HBO GO/Cinemax GO.

The RSNs are messed up. Most people are not getting the correct networks or are blacked out for no reason.

Throw in the bugs folks are getting and the spotty stream (though that seems to have improved the last couple of days), and I cancelled the trial. Very glad I didn’t prepay. I’ll do another trial in a couple of weeks (accounts are tied to e-mail addresses) to see if things improve.

As always, YMMV.