DirecTV Now - new streaming box - no audio - May 2019

I have about 100 episodes recorded over 40+ different shows, stations, networks, etc. On my AppleTV 4k running version 1.7.5 on Firmware 2.2.26, everything is working normally with picture and audio. I began Beta testing the latest release of the DirecTV Now streaming box on May 5. It is working exceptionally well in most regards, except for the Tablo app. The first problem I noticed is that I am not getting audio from nearly all of my Tablo recordings. Oddly enough, I AM getting perfect audio and video on shows recorded prior to approximately March 1, 2019. I have a handful of saved recordings as far back as 2017 that are playing perfectly. I am seeing that the Tablo app that I loaded to the DirecTV Now box is version 1.71 with Firmware 2.2.26. I am also unable to play LIVE shows. When I try to play a Live show, the software takes me to a screen to “Schedule Manual Recording.” I decided to test a new recording. The show is recording but no sound. Are these issues due to the older app? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app which is the latest available in the Google Play Store. - The strangest thing to me, is that the recordings that are more than a few months old play just fine. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think the Direc TV box is one of the recommended device

Turn off Surround Sound on your Tablo. See if you get audio then.

Just tried that but no change.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Any recordings created with 5.1 will continue to have it.

Do you see the same behavior on new recordings since you turned it off?

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