Different live shows on 2 tvs same channel

Upgraded to Tablo white & new app this week & love it. 2 tvs/1 antenna. Put MeTV 5.2 (Woody Woodpecker) on 1st tv then put MeTV 5.2 on 2nd TV (slight sync issue but cable does this too). Shut off 1st TV. Next live program was Bugs Bunny. Turned on 1st TV again & it picked up programming of earlier Woody Woodpecker where I had shut off (I selected the correct live show)! This show had not been recorded but Bugs Bunny was recording & I watched it while being recorded. Next live show (being recorded) did the same, 1st tv showed Bugs Bunny from the beginning. Is it because the live shows were being recorded & cannot also be watched on 2 tvs? I don’t use both tvs together often so not a problem but I’m curious why & how can I view a live show that is no longer being transmitted over air? Edit-using Rokus with new Tablo app.

I’m not sure I understand the problem exactly. But here’s what I know. Only two tuners are available. They can only each handle one program at a time (two total), whether it’s currently recording a program or a program being viewed live.

You can view a program that has already been recorded, while those two tuners are being used elsewhere.

The number of different places Tablo content can be viewed (different Rokus, TV’s, phones, etc) at any one time, isn’t directly related to the number of tuners.

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I have an older Tablo model, but I think it does something similar. What I think happens is if you stop watching the Tablo will continue to buffer whatever channel you were tuned to. If you then go back to watching the same channel a short while later it will continue where you stopped watching.
I’m not sure how long it will buffer for, but I think it’s only a few minutes. I mostly notice it if I’m flipping between 2 channels. If I flip back pretty fast I end up watching the whole commercial I flipped away from.
So nothing is wrong with your Tablo.

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Thank you!

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Thank you. I think it was a buffering issue. I somehow got a prompt for fast forward & caught up to the live broadcast. I didn’t know rewind & fast forward were available with live viewing. That’s a nice feature.