Different Channels on Different TVs

I have 1-TV connected wireless via a Roku Ultra to my Tablo 4-channel. It works beautifully except the following.

When I log into the Tablo via PC, I have all the channels showing on the live-tv guide that are selected on the list of scanned channels. However, on the TV which is connected via Roku several of the channels will say “loading” then fail with a horizontal kind of “barber poll” filling the entire line. I can however actually select and view the channels even though they have no programming shown. All the channels missing were all completely green dots on the scan list.
The TV/Roku and the Tablo are located on the same shelf within 7-feet of the router.

To try and correct this I have done the following:

  1. Power reset the Tablo several times
  2. Power reset the Roku
  3. Power reset the TV
  4. Rescanned the channels.
  5. Uninstalled the Tablo app/channel on the Roku and reinstalled
  6. Downloaded and installed the latest Tablo firmware
    I need to get the missing programming to appear on the TV based Roku. Thoughts? I am at my end of potential solutions.
  1. Downloaded and installed the latest Tablo firmware

There hasn’t been a tablo OS update for a while. How old was the previous tablo OS version? Would the Roku OS either be very old or brand new like Roku OS version 8.

If you are missing guide data, then you need to raise a ticket with the Tablo support people, mate. There are lots of postings about missing guide data, I don’t know how to copy in one of those links here, so best just to search for “missing guide data” to find the ways to report the problem.

On the Roku livetv grid, that barber pole just means the guide data is not there and has nothing to do with the signal strength that is being received.

Thanks John and Zippy. I did an OS reset this morning on the Tablo and at least now I can record. I am on a 30-day trial but have only about 12-hours of guide data after leaving it alone over night to download. I expected to see 14-days worth this morning but no joy.
I was so frustrated that I didn’t even think to search for the missing data - I was still fighting the lack of record function.

I’ll get a ticket open this morning on the guide as soon as I figure out how.

Zippy - all Roku units and the Tablo DVR are new purchases a couple of days ago. The Roku units all updated their firmware when first powered up as did the Tablo - so all are up to date.

While it probably does not matter, the Roku OS is version 7.7 or 8? Roku released OS 8. Almost all the fixes in 8 are for Roku TV bugs. But I think it is slowly being rolled out to set top box models also. And I assume the Roku model is 4660.

Yep, all the devices updated to 8 when first powered up. I still don’t have anything past 24-hours. There’s a grey hard stop in the live TV guide at 24-hours. I’m calling them this morning. Thanks for the help, Zippy, I appreciate it!

[quote=“ksj, post:4, topic:13159”]
I am on a 30-day trial but have only about 12-hours of guide data after leaving it alone over night to download. I expected to see 14-days worth this morning but no joy.
[/quote]To maybe help clarify, if you don’t already know, the system is set to only provide 2 days worth of horizontal grid guide data. That view never shows more than that (and depending on the last download vs when you are viewing it, could be less). This is normal operation.

The “14 day” guide provided is referencing the thumbnail picture view of upcoming shows / movies / etc. That is the only area you will actually see 14 days ahead.

Daniel454 - thanks. Here’s the issue I have …
If I open up the Guide Menu tabs, The only items that have content are “Live TV”. “Movies”, and “Sports”. I have nothing in “TV Shows” or “Prime Time” or “Scheduled (yes-items are scheduled to record)” at all. It has always been this way since day-1 even after the assorted reboots and factory resets. This doesn’t seem right. It also doesn’t matter whether I log in via Roku or my Laptop. The Live TV grid is working as you pointed out - maxed at about 24-hours.

OK, yeah definitely sounds like some weird sync issue.

If anything a reset should work unless somehow the sync between the Tablo and playing device is being interrupted?

Whats weird is that different devices sync differently, for example, Roku syncs on the fly as you navigate through it, but a PC / Chrome does a full sync as you first connect. If it was a sync issue between Tablo and device, you would think you would get two different results.

Sorry I’m not more help, does sound like Tablo Support needs to look at your logs for a more in depth diagnosis.

Yep, all of your comments agreed …
I spoke to the guys at Tablo … a great amount of customer service there! Mat held on the phone until the issue was fixed and - for a change from a typical support line - I sensed no urgency to get off the line until the issue was resolved. He remoted into the unit and found the database was corrupted. We went back to the beginning with a reboot to factory settings (in case someone else reading this). That got the unit back to where it should be and we re-synced. Problems solved. Of course I lost yesterday’s Cowboys Redskins game and the World Series game but it was worth it. Later had to get with Mark to get the wireless going again who also did a great job at support. Note to anyone reading with wireless issues - we had to wait almost 2-minutes after connecting to the Tablo (4-channel) network before the unit served up the “select your home network” screen in the MyTablo app. So, thanks to the great support, we’re good to go!
Thanks for all your help and to Zippy and John too!


@ksj Glad that Matt and Mark were able to get things up and running for you!