Different channel scan results between antenna to TV connection and Tablo connection

Got setup this weekend. LOVE IT!! (Tablo 4 tuner, Moho Attic HD antenna, and Roku 3)

Background for my question:

When I did a channel scan with the antenna hooked up directly to my TV I got 6 additional channels that did not show up on the channel scan through the Tablo Web App setup process. These six channels do have a weaker signal and are 60-80 miles away. Every channel that shows up on the Tablo Web App channel scan shows green dots all the way across and are within 60 miles away.


Does the Tablo Web App channel scan results only show channels with a strong signal or limit the results to channels within a certain distance?

It is based on your zip code.  The Tablo only looks for those channels that are programmed for that zip code (at least I am pretty sure that is how it works).

Now if you want those channels, just fill out a support ticket, and the Tablo folks can update their database with those channels.  This also applies if there is a brand new channel(s) in your market.

What I like about doing it this way is that your channel scan goes really fast, since it isn’t looking at every possible frequency.  The main negative is that you might not see all the channels you possibly could get.

That makes sense since those 6 channels would be out of my local market. I really only want 1. What info do I provide in the support ticket just, 2.2 WFMY Weather, Greensboro NC?

I would include the zip code as well, since that is the primary factor.  Usually Tablo has a quick turn around time for channel numbers (a day typically).

Thanks Snowcat. Your a endless source of help and info.

I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I enjoy the Tablo and want it to succeed.  

@roraniel @snowcat You’re close but this one isn’t actually 100% accurate! You’re only human!

The guide data the Tablo uses is based on your location/zip code. Our guide data provider’s database organizes it this way. 

The physical channels all come through your antenna, and are all based on your reception. The Tablo won’t omit channels just because you’re not technically in the correct zip. It will still scan them and them to your guide - they just might miss some guide data if our guide data provider didn’t have them added to the lineup for that specific area.

There’s been confusion on this in the past - because OTA TV reception can change (particularly with weaker, far away channels) some folks have seen different results with their scans at different times of the day (depending on weather, etc). It won’t change if you mess with your zip code, though. Hope this helps!

When I do a scan, there is a set of numbers.  It shows (0 / 69) and finishes up at (73 / 69) when the scan is over.  I get 26 channels with my antenna, though I use only the 8 HD ones.  The scan takes 45 seconds to complete.

It just seems too quick to do a complete scan of all the possible frequencies that are out there.  My TV set usually takes several minutes to complete a channel scan, but I can tell it is looking at all the frequencies out there.

So does it really scan for every possible frequency out there?  What is the meaning of the 69 and the 73 in my scan?  Do other people have those same numbers?

I like how fast it works, but I am curious on what it is really doing.  

This brings up more questions. Shouldn’t I get better results on clear days?

I ask because the day I scanned with antenna straight to TV I wanted to verify what channels I got before purchasing the Tablo. I purposely picked a rainy very cloud covered day for what I thought would be a worse case scenario. (Yes, I am an Engineer). This is the day the scan results included the 6 channels in question. I did about 5 scans between noon and 5 pm and got the same results each time.

The day I setup the Tablo and did the scan with the missing 6 channels it was 11am and a glorious, absolute cloud free day. I did 2 scans a few minutes apart.

Seams like the results should have been the other way around.

Have you hooked up your antenna back to the TV and run another scan?  I bet you get all the channels as before.

I see only two possible reasons.
1. The Tablo tuner is worse than your TV tuner.  It’s possible, but I get the exact same channels on both my TV and Tablo.

2. The Tablo doesn’t scan for every possible channel, just every one that a user in your zip code should get.

Here is an idea. Set your zip code to the one in the market that you want for that one channel.  If it picks up the channel, then you know it is by zip code.  If it doesn’t then the tuner isn’t quite strong enough.

I re-scanned tonight and I got 4 of the 6 additional channels so it must be signal strength. All 4 were yellow 3 dots tonight.

That makes sense if you couldn’t get them before. 3 dots should be good enough, though you might get some pixelation.

@TabloSupport I just received my tablo and everything is great except during the scan it left off the NBC affiliate in my area. It comes up on antenna hooked directly to TV. What give? I am within 10 miles of the tower as well