Did something change in the last 24 hours?


It’s more than time spent this time getting recordings to record. It’s not knowing when I’ll lose recordings again. I checked Friday morning and recording were fine (according to Scheduled/Coming soon) Yet they didn’t record and were gone again tonight. Reset today…but who knows if that will hold through the week.

If I have to re-check everyday that programs are recording Tablo loses its value.


Agreed and if they “fix” it are we going to have to do it again?
There have been multiple times that shows have not recorded for me and no notifications or anything.
I’m not sure how many things didn’t record for me since the issue.
Also if they know they are having issues. How about a warning?
Something along the lines of: There have been multiple reports of issues with scheduled recordings, please verify upcoming recordings.


I agree. It was a known issue and subscribers should have received an email. My Tablo didn’t record anything Friday or Saturday. It only recorded Sunday after I realized there was an issue and rescheduled the recordings. Today I’m manually rescheduling every show. #TabloFail


Anyone notice missing recordings on the Apple TV since the new changes to the TV Guide subscription (specifically on Friday March 8/Saturday March9th)? I had to go through my scheduled programs and click on Record New/Record All button for the REC icon to appear against scheduled programs…

Many thanks


Check this out.



Thank you.


Looks that way. My lifetime subscription just disappeared on Saturday morning and I haven’t been able to record anything since. I opened a ticket a day ago, but haven’t heard back. The support phone # has been busy all day.


Your subscription is still there, it’s just not being reflected on your Tablo.

  • Using ANY Tablo app, navigate to the SETTINGS screen.
  • Directly underneath the ‘Subscription’ header at the top of the screen, you’ll notice a ’ Refresh ’ button.
  • Click the ’ Refresh ’ button, and your subscription status should correct itself shortly.

If your recording schedules are not automatically returned, you can toggle the REC button from REC ALL to REC NEW (or vice versa) to get them to come back immediately.

If you have a lot of things set to record, support can also assist you by running a script on your Tablo DVR.

The phones are indeed busy today, but the team will get to your ticket as soon as possible.


I did try that several times throughout the day, but didn’t resolve the problem. Still no active subscription associated with my Tablo.

I’ll wait to hear back on my support ticket and thanks for the quick response…Mike