Did my Tuner(s) just die?

Yesterday I noticed a programmed recording did not record. When viewing that it displayed a message that the signal was weak. So I just assumed the station was weak during that period. That same program is set to record every morning at 9 am. Well today it didn’t record either and gave the same message. So I decided to check things out.

Sure enough nothing is picked up by my Tablo Quad. I began swapping antenna cables around between the tv and Tablo. The Tablo is connected via a 2-way splitter that splits the antenna signal between the tv and Tablo. So I removed the splitter and connected the RG-6 that was going to the tv just to be sure.

TV antenna signals work fine. Tablo Quad just shows weak signal or if I attempt a Rescan it displays No Channels Found.

The Tablo itself still works with current recordings however. Just doesn’t seem to pick up anymore antenna signals.

How should I proceed?

Edit to update: After I posted the above I decided I probably should do a reset and/or a power down/power up cycle. Reset did not help however sure enough the power cycling(pulling the power cord) seemed to have fixed the issue. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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If you run into any further issues, don’t hesitate to touch base with support: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/