Did my Tablo Die?

I get the blue blink every second, like its looking for network or booting up but I don’t think it is booting up.

I don’t see the Tablo network on my list of Wi-Fi
I don’t get a connection light when I try ethernet. Not a bad cable.

I have tried leaving it unplugged for awhile. As soon as I plug it in, I just get the 1 second blue light blink immediately, I don’t get a rapid blink at all. I have left it like that for a hour and still the same.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

Tablo LED Status - What Do the Blinks Mean? – Tablo (tablotv.com)

Looks like 1 second blinks mean it’s still in the startup phases. Probably should open a ticket with a support although be aware they won’t see it until Monday. Maybe they can have you put it in heartbeat mode and see if it’s something software related they can fix…

It might be worth trying a replacement power supply. I’ve actually had mine go bad twice, once because of a surge from a lightening strike and it can manifest itself in different ways. In my case the Tablo was booted and seemed fine but any time multiple tuners were in use the recordings would fail, like it wasn’t getting enough power when multiple tuners were in use. As a result, I always have a spare on on hand.

Replacement Tablo Power Supply (tablotv.com)

I will try to replace the power supply and then if that doesn’t work put in a ticket.

Thanks so much!

Power supply will take a little while to get to you if you are ordering it directly from Tablo. You could open a ticket with support Monday and they could take a look in the meantime.

The new power supply worked! Thanks so much!