Did anyone record game one of the World Series last night?

I didn’t but I was curious whether the Tablo’s “extend live recording” feature was enough for a 14 inning game. If not, which inning did it get to?

It only made it to the 12th inning. I was able to see the highlights on the web.

Thanks. It’s one of those rare situations where no DVR is going to record it correctly barring someone adding 3 hours extra or so.

Mine says 7pm to 10pm (CST) and the recording has a length of 4 hours and 30 minutes. So it looks like it added 90 minutes to the recording. It stopped at the beginning of the bottom of the 12th.

The original length of recording (3 hours) would have stopped recording at the middle of the 8th.

@TabloTV Is the “extend live recordings” a set amount of time for all live recordings? Or is it different depending on what is playing?

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