Device (not DVR) to get OTA Guide

Is there any device out there that is not a DVR but will give me a much better guide experience with OTA channels than what the TV gives? I have samsung LCD that’s about 5 years old so it only shows the guide after you tune to the channel and it’s not a grid so you can’t easily see what’s coming on soon.

I wan’t this because sometimes its just easier to watch live tv - think kids cartoons - that we don’t need/want to record and therefore I don’t care to use the tablo for.

My workaround is to use the TitanTV app on my phone. and once registered on your phone.

I like how actual AndroidTV devices (Using Google Live Channels and the HDHomerun Connect) does theirs. If we are fortunate they might make a new version of the Nexus Player…Since the original NP is only really findable for over $100 on Ebay, and many balk at the cost of the Shield.

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Thanks but I was looking for something to use on-screen rather than having to use my phone or computer to lookup the channel listing.

Your speaking of a true android TV…a TV with android on it - right. None of the nexus players/rokus can change the channel of the TV right (meaning my coax from the antenna is currently plugged into the TV).

I think I need a tuner device that can overlay a guide screen (that presumably) pulls guide data from the internet.

Is your TV a Smart TV from Samsung? If so there is an app that you can get to do this. I honestly don’t remember the name as we stopped using Smart TV functions a couple of years ago.

With a network tuner (AFAIK just the HDHomerun stuff right now) you CAN get a guide + change channels.
look here: Lon Seidman clip

(you would move the coax from the TV to the network tuner)

I do this now with my NP and Shield, by using a HDHomeRun Connect ($99 OTA 2-tuner without onboard transcoding). I am hoping that if/ when Tablo gets around to it they can tie in to the same functionality of Google’s Live Channels app…

There are also some actual TV’s with this function built-in from Sharp and Sony, but that would be the whole TV.

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Nope bought it just before smart TVs came out.

I’ll take a look at the clip…thanks!

rumor mill, I am hoping to see a box between the NP and the Shield-
FireTV/ Razer Forge don’t count since they royally screwed up the implementation…

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