Developer Program, Open Source and the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Good Morning @TabloTV and @cjcox,

I have been watching the SurLaTablo discussion and I have some thoughts about the ‘impasse’ between @TabloTV and @cjcox over the requirement to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

From what I have read, @TabloTV wants developers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement partly so that you can communicate with registered developers. Makes perfect sense.

Also from what I have read, @cjcox has a strong commitment to Free Open Source Software. I believe he is concerned that signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement will prevent him from releasing a product implemented in python where the code is not compiled.

I hope I have portrayed this part of your positions accurately.

I want to share with both of you that I have found a Python implementation of the Tablo API online in GitHub. It is licensed under an Apache License. The developer is Nuvyyo. It is the Kodi client.

Given that Nuvyyo has released a python implementation of a Tablo client under the Apache License would it make sense that Non-Disclosure Agreement be changed to a simple Developer Registration program? This change presumes that Nuvyyo’s sole objective in the Non-Disclosure Agreement is being able to contact developers.

If there are other reasons for the Non-Disclosure Agreement then the need for a Non-Disclosure Agreement may be valid. An example of this is if Nuvyyo shares pre-release plans or documentation with its developers so that functionality can be developed in tandem.

@TabloTV: If you still need a Non-Disclosure Agreement could it include explicit language to allow developers to release their products uncompiled under Open Source Licenses (e.g., Apache, GPL, MIT, etc.) but bind developers to not disclosing future plans, unreleased functionality, official API documents, etc…? In my mind, this would allow developers like Open Source Developers like @cjcox equally footing to Nuyvvo when releasing products built on platforms like Python.

@cjcox: If @TabloTV could refine the Developer program / NDA such that developers are explicitly permitted to release their products uncompiled and under an open source license yet still requiring developers to not disclosure official API documentation or future plans of the company, would this meet your needs and keep you true to your commitment to Free Open Source Software?

My hope is not to start a long discussion thread with a ton of comments but to see if there is a way forward to a developer program that meets the needs of Nuvyyo and open source developers that love their Tablo.


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The exposed API through the Kodi git sources is how SurLaTablo was updated.

Just fyi.

And yes, a more community focused developer program would be quite refreshing.

That is one of the reasons we do have the NDA in place. That being said, we may be able to find a happy medium where both the lawyers and folks interesting in working on 3rd party apps can be happy.

Stay tuned.

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I’m staying tuned. Thanks for looking into this.

It’s been a couple years, any update on this?

I’m just in the beginning stages of coding a library to explore and view content on the Tablo. It would be nice to have better resources than what currently exists online.

I’m finding that the online documentation for wamp v1 has been removed in favor of v2 and that the two are not compatible. It’s really hard to get started working on a black box system.

Sorry Michael. We just haven’t found the time to make this a priority since the number of users interested in developing 3rd party apps has been small.

WAMP is being deprecated so it’s probably best not to jump on that train anyways.

If you’re interested in signing the NDA we can get you hooked up w/ the latest REST API documentation.

I’d like to take a look at the NDA.

OK - drop me a direct message and we’ll get the process underway for you.

Is the NDA process still available?

I’d be interested in looking at the NDA too

Just send me a DM with the project you’ve got in mind and your mailing address and we’ll get one drawn up for you.