Detect "SMART" changes on the harddrive

It would be very handy to know if your hard drive has issues by reporting the “SMART” values.  At least key smart values…

I’ve given some thought to this one as well, mostly because a hard drive is guaranteed to fail eventually.  While I wouldn’t like to see detailed SMART stats anywhere in the UI (scare off the casual user), I’d like to know that the hard drive health is being monitored.  When the drive starts showing signs of failure there should be an option to migrate content to a new drive using the secondary USB port.

Sounds like a significant feature to design and implement, but one that will be needed as more Tablos are out in the field and nearing the likelihood of a failed HDD.

Yes, you’re right…as a drive ages, this is a guarantee.  I would still like to see the SMART (advanced mode?) to help determine what the issue is.  Temperature for example vs read errors.  One could be an indication of a problem with the enclosure while another would be an indication of a pending drive failure. I think there are plenty of tools that could be included into the OS image of the Tablo to assist with this do they don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Their main problem right now is prioritization of the requests they are being inundated with.  Stability and speed is #1!