Descending Recording List

Currently, the recordings are in descending order, which means we have to scroll to the bottom of the list to see the most recent recording. If they were listed in ascending order, the newest would be at the top of the list. For those who keep a whole season or multiple seasons of a show, that would be so much more convenient that having to scroll through 8, 10, or 30 items just to get to last night’s episode.

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What playback device?

I watch through Roku. Is it a function of the playback device and not the DVR? I’ll have to look at it on my phone’s app and on my PC.

Under Recordings, check the Recent section.


That helps a lot. Thank You!

Turns out the Recent section only goes back 2 weeks. If it’s a series that you’ve missed the last 3 episodes of and the most recent episode was 10 days ago, the Recent section will indicate only 1 unwatched recording.

Select the episode, press OK.
Select Go to Show, press OK.
Press dPad down.

Which just gets to the same list in descending order as if I had gone to the show via the All Recordings menu. Other DVRs I have had put the most recent recordings at the top of the list, with the oldest at the bottom. If a show hasn’t recorded in the past 2 weeks, it won’t even be in the Recent menu, though there may be some unwatched episodes.

If the top of the list is episode 1 and the bottom of the list is the newest recording say episode 12, isn’t that an ascending order? That is going from episode 1 to 12.

Sorry – I always get it backwards. Guess I mean Descending order. Thanks for straightening me out. :wink: