Deleting program post firmware 2.2.18

After the 2.2.18 firmware upgrade I started noticing programs, which were indicated as recorded, couldn’t be found. I contacted support and they did a manual fix to my tablo which temporarily cured the problem. I was told not to delete any shows I have watched until the new firmware 2.2.20 comes out. It was been months, my hard drive is filling up fast and will soon be full. I have having to curtail what I record to save space, but it is now May and no one has a delivery date for the 2.2.20 upgrade. I’m sure there are others out there with the same problem.

Is there some way that I could either revert to the old firmware or have a patch installed on my Tablo so that I could get rid of the massive load of undeleted programs? The situation will be getting desperate soon.

We have beta versions available now that will allow you to delete the recordings that had this issue. Let me know if you’d like access to the beta, and we’ll send it to your unit.

If you’d rather wait for the official release, this is coming soon (though I don’t have a date for you just yet).

2.2.20 arrived today. Installed and looking good.


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