Deleting certain OTA channels

I get 163+ channels in my area. I only watch a handful. How do I eliminate them from my guide so I don’t have to scroll through all of them?

Go into the Guide section of Settings -> Edit Channel Lineup and uncheck the channels you don’t want.

Just uncheck the desired channels and add to guide. This will remove them(channel(s)) and the guide data from the tablo. You can’t just remove the guide data but keep the channel in the grid.

Am I correct to observe that each tablo client may have a different list of channels for its guide?

Or to observe that unwanted local channels keep coming back like freddy?

One guide/channels list to rule them all.

Additions or removals on one client will reflect on the next client. You may see some channels you removed on the second client if you go to the Live section before the sync is complete but after that it should be identical.

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