Deleted a bunch of movies and didn't reclaim the space

Tablo 4 Tuner “Tablo Device: 2.1.30” “HTML Application: 1.0.21-542” & 2TB WD My Passport hard drive

I recently deleted about 70GB of movies and the ‘space available’ on the hard drive did not change. This was a day ago so I figured that any trash collection would’ve happened by now. I deleted each of them from their ‘movie card’ by using the “Delete Recording” button. It still shows 1.55 TB of 1.97TB available. I do not have the “Auto-Delete Recording” checkbox checked.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? It’s not like I’m hurting for space but if this keeps up I could be down the road.

Thanks for your help.

It’s always reclaimed my space - open up a Support Ticket with Tablo so they can check your logs go see why it didn’t.

Which interface did you delete it from? Phone? Roku? Webapp?

I forget where, but I saw this happen, and was very surprised, and then went to a different interface and noticed that my movies didn’t actually delete. Once re-deleted, all was good. (no, I didn’t open a ticket, it only happened once, assumed it’s a fluke)

Sorry, should’ve mentioned. I was deleting it from the webapp in Safari 8.0.7. There were no errors while deleting these movies. They all acted like they deleted normally. And it’s still the case today that the space hasn’t been reclaimed. I’ve deleted other programs this way and it reclaimed the space.

I just checked the Android app “HTML Application: 1.0.21-545/3000238” and the movies are deleted but the space isn’t reclaimed through this interface as well.

The Roku “Preview” channel “Channel 2.0•build 9 Tablo Software 2.1.30” indicates that the files are deleted.

Think I will. Thanks. Thought I’d see if anyone had seen this behavior first. Coming from Simple.TV, the Tablo has been so great and bulletproof that the thought of it having a problem was unbelievable. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t change to Tablo sooner.