Delete Timers / All episodes?

Someone in the house accidentally setup a timer to record every episode of  "I Love Lucy"

Other than manually deleting 75+ episodes, is there is no way to delete all recordings of a particular timer?

How do you delete a timer?  I see no option for removing a timer under the settings menu in web browser.

There is currently no way to delete groups of shows.  But this is one of the most requested features,so I would think it would be developed fairly soon.

To delete a timer in the web browser, go to Scheduled, and then bring up the show.  You will have either REC ALL or REC NEW highlighted.  Just click on the highlighted one to set it to not record anymore.  Once you click on the X in the top right corner of the show, it will disappear from the Scheduled page.

@7Up - We are working on some more user friendly delete options. Stay tuned!

@TabloTV -  Thank you for good news

@snowcat -  Thank you, your instructions worked perfectly.