Delete Shows by Season

I have certain shows where I have a number of seasons recorded (such as SNL). As I go through them and watch them, down the road I’d like the ability to be able to delete all the shows in a particular season. Deleting one show or all shows is a little bit limiting. And deleting 20 or 22 shows in a season separately takes a bit of time…

I use Tablo Ripper to rip shows from my Tablo, but it also allows you to selectively delete recordings. You can choose one at a time or multiple recordings at once.

This is the simplest way I have found for deleting just a portion of one series recordings.

Some of the other third party apps may also have this functionality, but this is the one I use.

I agree that it would be nice for Tablo to have this option, but until it is added, this is the best alternative I have found.

SurLaTablo allows you to select recording based on a pattern and delete them.

So you can do something like (to remove all Season 3 of The Outer Limits): -q 'The Outer Limits - s03e' -c DeleteX

(DeleteX means delete without asking, use Delete if you want to be prompted for each)

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