Delete multiple recordings?

I feel like I’m simply missing it - is there a way to select an entire program or season or recordings and delete everything?

Right now I only see an option to delete recording at one at a time which is a 3 or 4 click process. (Yeah, I know clicking isn’t hard but there are almost 1500 recordings on my drive and I have better things to do.)

If there is no way to mass delete these things, how would I nuke the drive and start over? Would that involve disconnect from Tablo, formatting on a computer and reconnecting to Tablo?

No way to delete more than one at a time currently through Tablo’s UI - it’s been asked for and Tablo has teased that improvements are coming in that department…

You could reformat your drive like you describe by formatting on PC and reconnecting to Tablo…that would get you back to a clean slate.

Right now, all you can do is delete one episode at a time.  Mass deletes is an often requested feature, so the Tablo folks are definitely aware that it is wanted.

@everettmarshall The folks above are correct (as usual). This is definitely on our radar (and roadmap). 

Several updates since 4 Feb and still no multiple delete option (or even delete all unprotected items in this series/season option). Honestly, this doesn’t seem to be that hard a thing to code. I’m wondering how long we will have to wait for something so basic. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tablo but it lacks this and other basic functions (like extending or early starting recordings by X mins - live or not) that were on my first TiVo a decade and a half ago. A date? A priority? Anything at all a bit more quantitative than “on radar” would be great. Thanks.


I feel personally like Tablo has been failing to deliver on promises- this multiple delete request shouldn’t even be a request, it should have been a standard feature in the first release of the product. It’s a database, it should not be that dificult. What’s even more annoying is that the DB is hardcoded into flash memory so that if you remove the drive and replace it, all of your recordings still exist according the the Tablo… until you try to play them.So you have to delete them… one… by one…by one…come on guys… lets see some new firmware that rolls out even a couple of these old requests ;).


@Dkevdog - Our next update is coming very soon and will include this feature.


“Delete Multiple Recordings” is more than a single-approach issue. Series TV shows is one thing, while news shows are quite another. Movies, another example, are single-shot recordings and never present the “multiple” problem.

Recognizing these various scenarios, Tablo should be considering a “Keep X Issues” option when “Record All” or “Record New” is selected. For news shows, keeping no more than two back issues, without monitoring and manually deleting many when they build up, would be a most welcome feature.

@BJP, that feature may come eventually, but based on the blog post, here are the options:

  1. Delete all episodes of a season
  2. Delete all watched episodes of a season (I don’t recall any other DVR that has that feature, which is cool)
  3. Delete all failed recordings in that season.

I know it won’t come along right away. Just wanting to get the ideas into Tablo’s development team’s thinking.

“All episodes of a season” inherently disregards news shows as a genre. There is no season. Therefore, this option would imply that all recordings of that show would be deleted at once. Unless locked. But by deleting all of them, all the icons will also disappear. Keeping one or two on hand maintains the icons in the Recordings screen. The implication is that a user would have to keep one issue of each show locked to accomplish the functionality of what I propose. The best solution would be to emulate DirecTV’s practice of permitting “Keep X episodes,” where one can set X to be 1 through 5, or “all.”

By the way, we’re real happy with our Tablo. And we know they will continue to improve on it. What it will be in two years: awesome.

So after a verrrrry long wait we may finally get to delete all episodes, but “Record X” is just too hard to do. Really? If I could limit the nightly news to one or two episodes, I would never need to delete any. Same for many other daily shows, like Today. Think of it as preventing the need to delete at all. And that’s not included in the next release? I do not think I’m alone that I am frequently watching for a solution that actually provides a reasonable user interface and will jump the day it is offered. I am even reconsidering buying some used SAGETV extenders and going back to it, which had absolutely all of the services which only get “Stay tuned!!!” response from Tablo years ago. Yeah, it is only supported by dedicated hackers, but Tablo will be there in another year too, but without a great starting point.

If you want the best user interface, buy a Tivo. The Tablo is designed to be functional, and it will make the user work to do certain actions.

It doesn’t bother me in the least.

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Save x recordings is still on the to-do list. Much like batch delete, it exists on the server side, we just need to add this into the UIs.

Problem I see, and not sure it is a “real” problem. But not allowing a selection of certain episodes, which is what has been asked for over and over :wink:

IIRC, Tablo has implemented the bulk delete functionality in much the same way as TiVo has - delete individual eposides one at a time, or delete a whole “folder”, which basically corresponds to all episodes of a show. I can’t recall the TiVo UI ever giving the ability to select specific instances of a show to delete.

Of course, TiVo has the advantage that deleting merely requires a press on the Clear button when a show is highlighted in the UI.

To me, there are two more bits that are missing:

  • Record at most X episdoes
  • A “recycle bin” for those “oops” show deletion moments.

However, if you are a company and a majority of customers ask for something and you deliver something that does not give a big part of the ask (select multiple shows to delete somehow checkbox or other) then you are not listening to the customer. That was asked over and over again

Over one year later. I still don’t see this feature.

I mostly use the Roku and ipad, the multiple delete is on the Roku but not on ipad.

What device are you using? I get multiple delete on Nexus Player.