Delete button is broken in search box

I’m using the Tablo client on the Fire TV stick. Version 1.0.25. I bring up the search box. I mouse around and spell the search. I click “next” and it does a search. No joy. So I figure I will delete a few characters from the search string, by clicking the “delete” button on the screen.

Does it delete characters from the search string? No it does not. It merely moves the cursor to the left.

We’re having a tough time reproducing this in-house. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

@oppedahl would you like us to send you an invite to the current beta? There are many improvements included, and it may address the behaviour you’re seeing now.

Yes. I asked about this yesterday. See . Anyway yes please make this happen. And can we please answer my question about whether an update to the new version of the Fire TV app will break the link to the Tablo? That is, if I do the update that you say I should do, will I have to get in a car and go to where the Tablo is located to re-establish the link to the Tablo?

Delete button is now broke for me too as are the skip ahead thumbnails. Seems my firetv box recently updated.

More info… I’ve got three Amazon Fire TV’s and two of the three work fine and the Software Version is and the one Fire TV that has a broken delete button and missing skip ahead thumbnails is Fire OS 5.0.5

The delete button that I’m referring to is the one when you go to recordings and click on a show. The delete button on that show screen that allows you to delete all is the one that is missing in Fire OS 5.0.5

Hope that helps.

@TabloSupport were you ever able to reproduce this? Definitely an annoying issue.

@Jerz This is a result of the Fire OS update. The delete button does work - but it does not update the primary ‘view’ above the keyboard screen. If you look at the top left view above the keyboard, you’ll see the characters are deleted there. We’re aware of this, and are working on it.

So strictly with the 2nd Fire TV box? As the 1st gen Fire TV runs a different OS.

1st generation boxes are being upgraded but I have no idea why just one of my 3 1st gen boxes were pushed the update.

Oh really since when? Are you sure you don’t have a 2nd gen one? See links below, per Amazon the latest firmware for the 1st gen is Latest Software Version: - this matches AFTV News too.

Fire TV software update 5.0.5 with Alexa begins rolling out to 1st-gen devices

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Is there a way to tell what generation this device is? I bought it prior to the announcement that the 2nd gens were being released. Here’s a screenshot:

Yeah take a look at the physical box, the 2nd gen does not have an optical output port.

Thanks… that one definitely has an optical port.

@TabloSupport not sure what fixed it (the beta or the updated app or both) but the delete button is now there and I have thumbnails when I skip ahead or back on a recording… with Fire OS 5.0.5

Edit: Actually come to think of it… it had to be the app… the old app I think was 1.0.18 and the new app is 1.0.25

Okay the Tablo client on the Fire TV stick is still flaky so far as the search-box “delete” button is concerned. But it was flaky one way with stick firmware 5.0.4 and it is flaky in a different way with stick firmware 5.0.5.

Now with stick firmware 5.0.5 the search string that I construct (by clicking on letters in the virtual keyboard) does not show up at all above the “keyboard”. That field is consistently blank.

The sort of odd oval search window in the far upper left corner, that search window that is sort of grayed out … it sort of shows the search string.

Spoke too soon. The search string field above the virtual keyboard now contains one of the six characters that is visible in the grayed-out oval field. And again the “delete” button does not actually delete anything from the search string field above the virtual keyboard.