Delete All Should only apply to presently displayed Season

I think the “Delete All” button should confine/restrict itself to the present Season on the screen, and not the whole Series. What say Ye ???

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How about it should confine/restrict itself to deleting only those episodes selected regardless of the season? :wink:

I do like your suggestion so maybe it can added as an option when they fix bulk delete.

All is all, but delete season sounds like an awesome idea.

I feel a little stupid because I thought delete all was per season. After reading this, I looked back at my Family Guy recordings (which I tested this on) and realize that they are all gone now.

I will be more careful in the future, but I do agree that delete all should be per season, not per show.

Agree Delete “all” should be specific to a particular season however Tablo needs to have the ability to manually select episodes for a multi-delete also which is common for most DVRs.


We’ll be adding more granular options for delete moving forward. This is a great suggestion.