Delete a recording - how?

I’ve read the KB area, the FAQ area and see how to watch (which I figured out without reading as that was pretty intuitive) but can’t see how to quickly and directly delete a recording (without watching it)

I recorded a show last Sunday for an hour as my wife often falls asleep at 9pm and we figured she’d never make it through to 10. 
She did, we watched if but I let it record anyway just in case.
I’d like to delete the show now but don’t see any simple button that allows me to select a recording and hit “delete”…
I don’t see a delete button on the screen that shows the pictures of the recording.
Isn’t there a way to select a recording and simply hit the delete key or click an onscreen button?
Is there any way to get a text listing of the recordings, select the listing and delete it?
Is there a simple way without actually having the launch it or start playing it - or must one actually open it and let it stream before you can delete it?
Figured I’d ask here as no need to get a support ticket - users can best answer this without bothering tech support - let them deal with emergencies. No rush but would like to clean up my experiments a bit! 


From the Chrome browser, click on Recordings, then click on the show you want, then click on the episode itself (do not click the Play icon), you’ll get a “Delete Recording” option. It is next to the Mark Watched and Protect buttons.

This will be the same for the Android web app that runs on smartphones as well.

Well I had responded but with our Internet going up and down tonight, mostly down, it never made it…

Anyway, thanks. That was simple… Recording is deleted.
I only saw the line with the channel, the time and date and the play arrow and wasn’t sure if clicking played it or something else. 
I know it’s TRIVIAL as heck, but to make it really intuitive, maybe a short bit of text “click for more options”  ;-) then there’d be no question. 
I guess those who simply click here and there would have found that out already, eh?
Anyway, thanks. Glad I didn’t bother support over that. 

No problem - but yes there’s no indication there are more options, it’s just more intuitive for all those people who use touch devices.