Delayed/Missing closed captioning

I’m a new Tablo and antenna user and am in need of some assistance. I’m using with my Roku Ultra. My local channels NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox all have severely delayed closed captioning. I’ve compared it to other locals like CW and Grit and the closed captioning on those are good. They play what is being said at the same time. Do I have to do something to get the locals timed right?
My recording from ABC doesn’t have CC at all. They do play with my AMC recordings though.
Also, most of my favorites guide either doesn’t show any programming or shows a different channel’s guide info.

Hi there @Stacychad1996 -

Which programs are you seeing the delayed closed captioning on with NBC, ABC, and FOX? Is this news or other ‘live’ programming?

If that’s the case, the CC is done in real-time so it can be a smidge slower.

But if you’re seeing it on pre-recorded programming (like dramas or sitcoms) then that’s more likely to be a problem on the broadcaster’s end.

Ditto with the missing closed captioning. Tablo will always pass CC data along but it needs to be present on the broadcast and it needs to be set up properly on the broadcaster’s end.

If the CC stream isn’t set up based on proper broadcast standards on their end, the Tablo won’t be able to ‘see’ it.

As for the guide data issues, don’t hesitate to touch base with support and we’ll do our best to get that fixed up for you: