Defragmenting hard disk

Is there some way to defragment the hard disk on my tablo 2? I get lot of spinning circles while watching a show while it is being recorded.

Hi @texp Unlike older Windows systems, there is no need to defragment drives with Tablo.

The file system is much better than some of the older ones you might be used to and the file sizes are much larger. The Tablo also performs its own filesystem maintenance during the overnight hours as needed.

It sounds like perhaps you might be hitting the ‘live time’ when watching an in-progress recording. If you wait a bit longer before launching playback of the recording, you shouldn’t run out of playlist before you finish your show.

Defragging a disk has become a controversial topic and many would tell you to avoid it on any device. I like to keep my Tablo below 95%. It seems problems crop up above that. That isn’t a Tablo only issue though. Lot’s of devices act up when the disk is almost full.