Define static IP address on device

I suspect this question has been asked a (large?) number of times before, but is there any way of defining a static IP address (non-DHCP-requested) on the network Tablo device?

I like to define static IP address for sort of permanent devices in my home - printers, SANs, etc., outside the defined DHCP-served range on the router.

Usually I can do that on some router configuration page but, unfortunately the router I have limits that functionality. The router I have is the AT&T Uverse (Pace Plc 5268AC). I can define a static IP address for a device on the router, but only within the DHCP range (x.x.x.64-253, in this case). From the router I can’t assign a static IP address for a device outside that range, which is what I like to do for these sort-of-permanent devices…

The Uverse documentation sez, in order to set an IP addr for a device outside the DHCP range, one must do that from the device itself.

Soooo, here I am. Is it possible to do that on the network Tablo device?

Thanks for the help.

No you can’t configure the IP from the Tablo itself, you have to use DHCP reservation on the modem or router. It is ok if the DHCP reservation is an IP in the DHCP range, the DHCP server is not supposed to assign that IP to another device anyway.

I guess that will work. There are 190 open IP addrs w/in the DHCP served range. I probably won’t use all of them…

That’s what I thought, and then holiday sales arrive.