Default upcoming recordings to the station I programmed it on

When selecting a show to record all episodes on all stations, it would be nice if the default station to record on was the one you originally programmed it on.

Right now, if a station is on at the same time and is the same episode, it defaults to the OTA channel even if the recording is set on a FAST station (examples: ION FAST always records to ION OTA). This leaves one less tuner available for stations that are only available locally. Other possible uses for this feature would be if one station has a lower quality image, or a weaker signal.

Other than choosing a default recording station, one possible work-around would be the ability to to choose multiple stations to record on, not just picking one of them with a checkbox. (Why is it a checkbox, when a radial button would do? It gives the wrong sense that you’re able to select more than one station – very confusing.)

Another fix would be to automatically override any upcoming scheduling conflict by switching to the other type of signal. For example, if a show is on FAST and OTA, additional OTA recordings that are elsewhere would then be changed to record from the same FAST station. This is the unlikeliest of solutions due to the complexity, but would save users the hassle of rescheduling everything that keeps defaulting to an OTA tuner.


You can use recording options to pick the channel to record.

As stated above, you are only able to pick one station to record on if you use that option. I would still like to record on multiple different stations, which is not possible if you pick one. In this case, I would like to select all BUT one.

The only way to do that is to pick any but deselect the one channel you dont want to remove it from the guide.

It’s not a checkbox where you pick ones you want to record from. Only one option can be checked. There are 4 stations with this show, and I really only want 2. But “Any” is what I have to select to watch the repeats as well as the new ones. I just don’t want to record on the OTA channel because I always have one FAST tuner available.

I think I undertand nw. If ou select Channel under record option, a list of all channels that carry the program comes up. You can only select one from the liet. It would be nice to be able to select more that one channel. Each channel might be running different seasons of the program which is nice if you want to capture all episodes of a series. I did that once, captured all 10 seasons of a series and watched them at my leisure. Stll, I did that using any but the don’t record duplicates was a saver.

That’s another benefit of the general “record all” and “any channel”. I normally wouldn’t care, and I’m okay with how it works overall, but since the channel is a duplicate, a different option should be available to help a user decide.

I have a lot of duplicate channels in my area. I nomaly disable one of the duplicates feeling that one will eventually be assigned to another station.

I did this for a while, but then I had to re-enable the station when I needed an extra FAST tuner. There isn’t an easy solution, sadly, but I appreciate all the thinking you’re doing on this. Thank you.