Decided to upgrade my router!


I got the exact same one! The Roku’s are now solid in the 5GHz N range.

I have the older Nighthawk, and I have been very impressed with it’s performance.  For a few months last summer, I had a problem with my iPad2 not finding the Tablo, requiring a router reboot.  It looks like that problem was fixed in the router firmware, since it hasn’t happened in at least 6 months.

I also have a Netgear A6200 WiFi USB adapter on one of my PCs, and which definitely improves the network speed of that computer.

Geesh, ya don’t go half-way, do you? Nice.

Opening up a Wi-Fi cafe?

@ShadowsPapa Yes, Wi-Fi cafe on the par 5 behind my house.!!!

That is a sweet router - I am jealous.

I upgraded to this and put the Fire TV Stick on the Wireless N 5 GHz band and it solved all my buffering problems - pretty great performance for the price. You can also load DD-WRT on it.

Well, I AM limited since my router is ALSO my “modem” since my ISP is my cell provider. It’s got to grab 4g out of the air and provide connectivity. the NG 2200D was the only device which has the power to capture 4g in our area at all, and has whole-house coverage for Wi-Fi, finished basement and upstairs end to end. (I got sick of using a Wi-Fi repeater)
If there had been another option with stronger Wi-Fi I’d have likely done that, but hey, this is running warp 8 compared to warp 1, or at times on thrusters only with my old system. 
I’ve not had any issues with my 2200d and the FTV so far - they seem to like each other. 
This NG router can do n300 fine, too, as my notebook attests to. Super fast connection there.
I can also plug a USB printer into it and share, or a USB drive into it and set it up as a media server if I wish. 

This is mine - so far, so good, now if we could just get a tower closer to use so there were some 4g waves to grab from the air around here.

Been running this one for a few months, it was an early christmas gift to me… any way, very happy with it. You will LOVE it.

New router installed. Can you tell how much faster my post is? :slight_smile:

I  have the Linksys EA3500 by Cisco.  Been running this one for a year.  I got it when my prior router has having problems when I streamed.

New router installed. Can you tell how much faster my post is? :)

Well, it was a faster read, yeah!