(DEBUNKED) Tablo Recall (in Frys Electronics)?

I went into Frys to purchase a 2 tuner Tablo and the sales associate said they were all recalled by the manufacturer as of last Friday, 7/14/17. He didn’t know the reason.

Does anyone know why? Was he even correct?

Not true.

@zero610 That’s pretty much the definition of fake news!

He’s not correct. At all.

Which Frys location were you at? We’d like to touch base with them to get this fixed.

Frys in Houston TX.

11565 S.W. Fwy 59, Houston, TX 77031

@zero610 Tx!

After chatting with our retail team, we think we might know where the confusion was coming from. We recently asked Frys to stop ordering stock with our old two colour ‘pizza box’ style packaging, and start ordering stock using our new prettier retail packaging.

The device in the box is exactly the same but the SKU is different. That might be why the guy in the store was confused.

Pizza. Yum!

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Sadly - there was no pizza included in that box.

Hrm… now I want pizza for lunch.

You also neglected to provide photos of the old “pizza box” and new “retail” boxes.

Darn it, now I want pizza for dinner.

Giordano’s ships:


Sadly, you cannot ship US products containing meat over the border. :frowning:



Happily, you can order cheese, or spinach pizza. :slight_smile:
But, I just realized, then what’s the point? :frowning:

Exactly! Pizza must have not just one, but many meats!

(And no pineapple!)



Is the new packaging sealed with plastic now? I know it used to be not sealed and that its hard to know which is used or new… A lot of those Tablos from frys were used and sold new. I bought one before and they were already activated…